"Height is blight." That is the rallying cry behind a group of homeowners campaign to stop construction of a 12-story $75 million tower in central Phoenix. They say this type of development will fundamentally alter their neighborhood. But proponents of the development on Seventh Street and Thomas Road say it will boost property values and tax revenue for the local school district.
The Arguments For And Against Phoenix County Club High-Rise Project
6 hours ago
Arizona boasts of many women who’ve made history both here and on the national stage. It’s easy to name the Sandra Day O'Connors and Rose Moffords — but what about those who are lesser known?
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Photojournalist Explores Shark Behaviors
Sharks are feared by many of us, but a lot of that feeling probably emerged because of pop culture. Films like "Jaws" or "Deep Blue Sea" or even the "Sharknado" series influence the way we think of them. But what are the realities of shark behavior, and how important are they in an ecosystem?
5 hours ago
Companies Pay To Clean Up Abandoned Coal Mines Little By Little
The Interior Department will provide more than $291 million to states and tribes to clean up abandoned coal mines. In all there are $10 billion in abandoned mines that haven't been reclaimed.
5 hours ago
To Finish Drought Plan, Colorado River Managers Ask Congress For Approval
Water leaders from the seven states that make up the Colorado River basin are one step closer to finalizing a drought contingency plan. Representatives from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, California and Arizona met in Phoenix to sign a letter to Congress.
10 hours ago
Maricopa County To Analyze Child Lead Levels, Public Housing Data
“The Academy of Pediatrics recommends lead blood level testing at the age of one and two, but there’s not always follow up in terms of what might be causing the elevated lead levels,” said Denise Voiles, the Office of Family Health nurse supervisor.
10 hours ago
Prosecutor: Arizona Voters Didn
Benjamin Kreutzberg said the plan language of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act permits patients to have "usable marijuana.'' That, he told the justices, means the flowers and leaves of the plant. Anything else, including preparations made by extracting the resin— and the psychoactive THC — remains strictly illegal.
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Overdose deaths involving fentanyl are rising — up 113 percent on average each year from 2013 to 2016. Dealers are adding cheap fentanyl to the illicit drug supply, and some users get it accidentally.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Thursday that the government will ban "military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles," to avert "the kind of horror and attack that we saw on Friday."
The move is an apparent return by the government to the practice President Trump has called "catch and release" and promised to end when he was a presidential candidate.
The novelists, poets and playwrights won Wednesday partly for their work so far, but also for the promise they've shown. If previous winners are an indication, it's a promise they're likely to keep.
The European Council President said a delay of three months is possible. But U.K. lawmakers would have to approve terms of separation that May has already unsuccessfully proposed to them.