Rio Salado College employees say, through investigations, there's a fear of retaliation in coming forward with allegations. One woman said she still feels the consequences of pointing out misconduct from her supervisor more than a year ago.
Investigation Released Into Handling Of Sexual Harassment Complaints
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Like every year since 1996, captive-born condors will be released into the wild next month in Northern Arizona – and the public is invited to watch the endangered creatures take flight.
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UbiQD, Inc. will work to make more precise lighting arrangements that grow the plants in an environment that mimics what astronauts could use to grow food.
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Gender biases for married parents are removed for single parents.
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The small Phoenix charter school SySTEM was forced to close its doors last week due to low enrollment, and its 32 students needed to find new schools quickly. That’s when the chief operating officer of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, Robert Di Bacco, stepped in.
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In 1971, a skyjacker parachuted out of a plane over Oregon with $200,000, and basically disappeared. A huge manhunt didn’t find the suspect who came to be known as D.B. Cooper, although media outlets received a few letters supposedly from him after the fact.
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As California’s wildfires continue to burn, other states and even other countries, continue to offer assistance battling the largest fire in the state’s history.
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President Wallace Loh admitted at a news conference on Tuesday that the school's athletic training staff "misdiagnosed" Jordan McNair's collapse and that their failures led to his death.
The lawsuit also says the parent companies "whitewashed" sexual harassment claims against an executive carrying out a plan to hide Tinder's full value. The companies blast the suit as "sour grapes."
Arthur Williams has been indicted by a grand jury on criminal charges including first-degree assault after a video surfaced on social media that showed him repeatedly punching a man in the face.
A long-awaited grand jury investigation into clergy sexual abuse details decades of misconduct and cover-up in six of the state's eight Roman Catholic dioceses.
The urinals are not at all subtle. They're bright red and placed in heavily trafficked areas — for example, directly next to the Seine near the Notre Dame Cathedral.