Soccer teams and enterprises have found in the American market an attractive field to expand their brands and profits. Among the growing hot spots is Phoenix, which will host a friendly match between Mexico and the U.K. on July 19. But how will this game benefit the teams, the organizers and the city?
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It’s the first 100th birthday for the Avondale Senior Center, and the birthday girl has been the life of the party for the past two decades. Everyone at the center knows "Mommy Juanita."
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Texas-based Phillips 66 is venturing into Mexico with three new gas stations in Hermosillo, Sonora. The company hopes to expand to as many as 30 stations in Sonora this year.
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The destructive progression of Alzheimer’s disease follows the growth and spread of toxic protein clumps in the brain. Now, researchers have wound back the clock to see how these masses get started.
A company on the East Coast has acquired a veterinary pharmacy in Arizona. The New Jersey-based company said Diamondback Drugs will stay in Scottsdale, but operate under the name Wedgewood Pharmacy.
A pilot project along a major north side thoroughfare could soon mean less "stop" and more "go" for motorists. Maricopa County is almost done installing adaptive traffic lights along Bell Road.
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a roundtable Tuesday morning on barriers to Native American voting.

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The Russian grad student living in the U.S. has been charged with working as an unregistered foreign agent. The Justice Department wants her detained until trial.
After two decades of deadly conflict, the neighboring countries are rapidly reconciling. Demand was huge for the historic commercial flight, which was marked with champagne and roses.
The giant hotel chain became the latest company to announce it will stop using plastic straws, saying it would remove them from its more than 6,500 properties by next July.
In recent months, about two dozen people across India have been beaten to death by mobs driven to violence by what they've read on social media and messaging apps.
On the last Saturday of the month, citizens must spend 3 hours beautifying the nation. Some people question the authoritarianism approach. But the results are impressive.