The first issue of Scottsdale’s hometown newspaper published in 1948 — before the city was even officially a city. The last iteration of the Scottsdale Progress ended in 2009. The paper relaunched Sunday, Sept. 16 — an anomaly in an era of shrinking local news coverage.
Arizona is a commuter state, as only 39.7 percent of residents in 2017 were born in the state, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey.
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Ducey Open To Reform Of Charter School Regulations
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he’s open to ideas about how to reform the way charter schools operate. This comes after Republican lawmaker Eddie Farnsworth cashed in on the sale of his for-profit charter school and its four campuses.
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Medical School Coming To Phoenix Park Central Mall
Less than a month after Phoenix leaders approved plans to build a parking garage at Park Central Mall, a new tenant has been revealed.
Dr. Joseph Sirven: Location, Location, Location
When it comes to dementia prevention, realtors may have the right advice. Medical commentator Dr. Joseph Sirven explains.
Canadian Company Acquires Helium Rich Arizona Land
Earlier this month, about 4,000 acres of federal land in northern Arizona were put up for auction for oil and gas development.
The Takeaway: As Detroit Schools Shut Down Water Over Lead Concerns, Contamination Points To A National Crisis
In Detroit, drinking water was shut off across all 106 public schools, when new test results showed elevated levels of copper and lead. While officials map out a long-term solution, students are left drinking bottled water supplied by the district.

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Research suggests that floods and other environmental disasters can raise the risk for spontaneous miscarriages, preterm births and low-birth-weight infants. Doctors say it pays to be prepared.
A small study of teens who were conceived via assisted reproductive technology finds a significant number already have hypertension and premature "age-related changes" in their blood vessels.
Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to prison after a corruption scandal. Now he, his daughter and his son-in-law are out on bail after a high court suspended their sentences, as they appeal their cases.
The president told reporters "we'll have to make a decision" if Christine Blasey Ford "makes a credible showing."
In an interview on Tuesday, President Trump said his frustration with Jeff Sessions goes beyond his recusal from the Russia investigation: "I'm not happy with numerous things."